a small and minimalistic website to monitor the compliance of the polkadot fellows available at fellowship.tasty.limo the code is on github.


it is written in and deployed to one of my personal servers. every 12 hours the data is fetched from an rpc provider. this is not ideal and should rather use light-clients, but i did not have the time to set that up; 80-20 you know.

the website is compacted into a single page to load within one http get call. this makes it very fast - even with jquery bloat.

the data extracted happens in three steps:

  • loading all members from the polkadot-collectives parachain
  • querying the on-chain identities from the polkadot relay
  • fetching the github bio and checking if their address is mentioned

this is then rendered into a html template and a cache file for hot restarts.


i would like to decomission this eventually once the official website. but currently it is not showing the identities or github handles.