maintaining the polkadot and kusama runtimes. i am part of a "decentralized autonomous organization" (the fellowship) and paid in crypto tokens by our production software: polkadot

~ migrated the runtimes code into its own repo
~ created a dashboard to see all members :P

i feel greatly honored to work directly with the founders and pioneers of polkadot to shape its future. if parity tech ltd ever decentralizes into its final form, my residence will be the fellowship.

~ merged three large code-bases: substrate + polkadot + cumulus = polkadot sdk
~ contributed over 200 merge-requests and reviewed many more
~ built support tooling: zepter and subweight

this position marked my entry into the professional world. all of my prior projects have been solo or with friends.

~ backend for go-perun in golang
~ smart contracts for perun in solidity
~ two web3 grants (1 and 2) in rust

never bothered with a degree. still fun.